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1945: Machan School opened September 1945 as Creighton School #2, with grades one through four. The building was the first one where the office is, though the teachers workroom was not yet built then, nor the area for the Teacher’s lounge and the office now used by Mr. Ridgeway. There were 6 classrooms and 7 teachers. One class met in the end of the cafeteria, which was finished three or four weeks after school started. Up to that time, the children who bought lunch were bussed to Creighton.

Creighton P.T.A. dedicated their handbook to Wm. T. Machan School. In March of 1946 there was an organizational meeting here to start their own P.T.A. A Constitution was made and My-Laws and officers elected. At a P.T.A. meeting held at Creighton in the fall, the children from Miss Flanagan’s room presented a skit which introduced the idea of the school being named Wm. T. Machan School. The idea went over with gusto. Of the first 7 teachers and principal, Miss Flanagan and Miss Bailey remain.

1946 - 1947: Mrs. Nicholson was President. Officers worked all summer to make plans and get activities going. These were established this year: First wardrobe sale – held on a vacant lot downtown, Open house in October with a potluck dinner, (This was too much). First carnival. A Merry-go-round was purchased and set out on the north end of the playground just a little to the east of the present shop. A building was constructed on the west side just north of the old cafeteria. This is now known as Building 60. This building was finished about December 1. We were really crowded until then. There was still a class in the cafeteria. We had 11 teachers at this time, Mrs. Morries – cafeteria manager came that year.

Also Betty Holder Orth. There was still no facilities for the nurse and this service was carried on through the front office. The Creighton nurse, Mrs. Eaton came over once a week, or on special calls. Otherwise this service was done by the principal. This year shows more P.T.A. (over 400) members in number than there were students enrolled.

1947-1948: Mrs. Monfred was elected president but later moved away. Mrs. Walker then took over. The second building was started on the west side. Also during the year plans were made to fill in the corner of the office building and make a teachers lounge and nurse’s room. The nurse’s room was and is now Mr. Ridgeway’s Office. A part time nurse was added, who worked out of the office. Mrs. Korte came as a part time secretary in October of that year. We had sixteen teachers, an Art teacher and a part time Music teacher shared with Creighton, there was also some orchestra practice which was shared with Creighton. A radio-phonograph was purchased – the Zenith and it is still in use. An outside bulletin board was also built and installed. A supply building was built on the present location but not as large, the south side of it was made into a class room.

1948-1949: Mrs. Walker was president. The first portable stage sections were built and used. The teacher’s lounge was furnished and the medicine cabinet and bed for the nurse’s room were added. A Cubscout circus was undertaken. Again we had more P.T.A. members than students. Mrs. Olson came in October to teach 3rd grade.

1949-1950: Mrs. Edith Olson – President of P.T.A. This was the year of double sessions. The library building and the few classrooms and the homemaking room were under construction by midyear, also the shop building. A Summer recreation program and summer library were undertaken. Flags were bought and given to Cub Dens.

1950-1951: Mrs. Huseman was president. A quonset hut was built. The P.T.A. purchased a new folding portable stage for the cafeteria, another record player and drapes for use during programs. The committee worked for many months to get a wider bridge on 24th Street, and this was done during the year. This was the first year to have the wardrobe sale at the school. The remainder was taken downtown but this was the last time for this part of it. New capes were made for the patrol girls. Memorial funds for Miss Darg was used to buy flags for the first graders. A Life membership to the P.T.A. was given to Miss Bailey. Recreation School was still going in the summer months.

1952-1953: Mrs. Stires was president of the P.T.A. Food to help families in need was gathered, called Robin Hood Halloween Plan. A new piano was purchased. Summer recreation program continued. The rest of the project money was started in a fund for bigger improvements.

1953-1954: Mr. Bill Wood was president. The year of the Big Variety Show “Guys and Gals” involving teachers and parents. The program was presented at Creighton in their auditorium. In the spring it was voted to change the night of the P.T.A. meetings from Friday to Tuesday. Work on the new cafeteria was started and also on the present third grade rooms, and two 4th grade rooms.

1954-1955: Mrs. Kendall was president. The P.T.A. sold T shirts with the Machan School emblem on them, which didn’t sell to well. We moved into the new cafeteria in November. The old cafeteria was made into the nurse’s room, two class rooms and teachers lounge. The Mothers March for Polio netted over $975.00. A safety program in the district was undertaken in real seriousness.

1955-1956: Mrs. Kendall was again president. The big project was the culmination of several years work and included the lighting equipment for the cafeteria, stage drapes and side window drapes. This was a project amounting to some $3,000.00, which had been saved for several years. Birthday cakes for the teachers was started during this year. Mrs. Stanley, Mr. Coil, Mrs. Decker, Mrs. Lawes, Mr. Russell, Mrs. Sawyer and Mrs. Saylor were added to the staff.

1956-1957: Mr. Davis was president. Grade level meetings were started, the first time, there was a separate meeting for each grade. Square dancing for adults was started. New capes were made for the patrol girls by the ladies. (the ones that we are still using.) Sale of Savings Stamps was started by members of the Student Council. The 8th grade students started the Flower Show idea. Miss Trethewey joined the staff.

1957-1958: Mr. Davis was again president, but was forced to resign because of poor health. The booths were built for the carnival.

1958-1959: Mrs. Schaeffer was president. Mrs. Ericson, Betty Mitchell Coffin, Mr. Odom, Mr. Sutton, & Mrs. Crawford joined the staff.

1959-1960: Mrs. Stanley was president. Mrs. Jackson school secretary. Child Study consultant for the District Mr. Perkins, Speech Therapist Mrs. Clark worked at all the schools at first. A division fence was put on the primary playground.

1960-1961: Mrs. Simmons was president. Attendance increased at the P.T.A. meetings. The sale of flags to parents was a successful project. Remington Rand metal cabinets were purchased for the district IMC. Stir about Neighborhood building project was underway.

1961-1962: Mrs. Beveridge was president. Mrs. Strickland, Mrs. Mary Miller, nurse, and Dr. Fielder joined the staff.

1962-1963: Mr. Hurst was president. Mrs. Bland, Mrs. Harris (though she came to us as Miss Bouschor) were added to the staff. Projects to improve auditory conditions in cafeteria. Tile was placed on the south wall of the cafetorium, new microphones were purchased and two new speakers installed and a new amplifier. The Special Education class was started.

1963-1964: Mr. Hurst was again president. Mr. Gammill, Mrs. Hughes and a Music teacher were added to the staff. Enrollment in the district generally is decreasing, however Machan School has an increase of 25 so far this year over a year ago. Centralization of some functions was stared as: Assistant Superintendent for Business – Mr. Ashby, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum – Mr. Bovee. Both of these gentlemen started their teaching experiences at Machan School so we have a special interest in them and with there success.


A friendly well attended Parent-Teacher meeting at Creighton School Friday evening, October 5, was the occasion for a surprise planned by the people of the community to pay tribute to Mr. William T. Machan who has been superintendent of the school district for the past twenty-five years.

Just twenty-five years ago, Mr. Machan came to this district from a teaching position at Wickenburg. One of his first tasks was the completion of a building to house class rooms from the school. Since that first construction job, there has been a record of continuous building, enlargement, and growth.

During this past year, [1945] a new development was undertaken-the planning and erecting of a second Creighton School. Upon a new site, at 22nd Street and Virginia, approximately one and one-half miles from the first school, a building housing six classrooms and an office has just been completed. This one story structure of modernistic design fits into the architectural style of the surrounding homes. A cafeteria has also been built at this site, and both buildings have unusual and modern features.

This first unit of a separate school is a milestone in the continuous, progressive development of the school district under the guidance of Mr. Machan. Surpassing his guidance in the matter of growth of the school plant has been his constant interest and concern in directing the growth and development of children.

The recognition and appreciation of these qualities, led many people and organizations to request that recognition be given him by naming the new school in his honor.

The presentation of these requests was made to the public by members of the fourth grade class of the new school. The little skit worked out by the boys and girls dramatized the constructive work he has done and touched on points of his dynamic personality and ever present sense of humor. It was brought to a climax with the request that the school be named the William T. Machan School.

Mr. W.R. Kelsay president of the School Board of Trustees, spoke briefly on behalf of that body and expressed full accord with the movement. He then presented Mr. Machan with a master key to the new building.

Mr. Machan is well known in educational circles for the active, energetic, and constructive part that he has taken in school development. He was one of the pioneers in working out a successful program for the use of motion pictures in visual education. Many universities and associations recognized his leadership in this field.

All of his school activities have been activated by the guiding principle, “the school exists for the children” Training in character, citizenship, and habits of self-control are outstanding in his educational philosophy.

Whoever has attended the school knows well the “Creighton Traditions.”

No day has been so busy but that he could not find time to listen to the problems of parents and children. Perhaps it was just a word of encouragement that was needed, again it may have been advice for a different plan of action, or it may have been a part that he himself could execute to bring about a new vision, a new hope, in some one’s life. Whatever it was, he willingly gave of himself to help them. Former students and school patrons have been just as anxious to share with him the successes and pleasures that life has brought to them.

An open mind, an understanding and sympathetic heart, and an indestructible faith in the powers and abilities of youth have marked his contacts in this community for a quarter of a century and has brought the admiration and respect of hundreds who have come his way.

Congratulations Mr. Machan! We salute you as an executive, a loyal school administrator, and an understanding and faithful friend of children.

(Written approximately 1965)

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